All service prices listed are starting prices.

Massage and Body Treatments

Reduce stress and tension with a massage or body treatment designed for your individual needs. We encourage weekly treatments for total well being of mind and spirit. Our certified massage therapist practices proper draping for privacy, comfort and warmth.

1/2 Hour Intensive

$40 & Up

1 Hour Total Relaxation

$69 & Up

1 Hour Deep Muscle Therapy

$75 & Up

Pregnancy Massage

$65 & Up

1 1/2 Hour Body Massage


Massage Enhancements

Add aromatherapy to massage.


$10 & Up

1/2 Hour Intensive

Relieve stress or tension in a specific area of the body with a half hour of massage concentrated in your most tension filled areas. The level of pressure is dictated by the client.

Total Relaxation

A gentle full body massage designed purely for relaxation by incorporating traditional Swedish massage and integrated techniques of the therapist's unique style. This treatment relieves stress and muscular tension leaving you totally relaxed.

Pregnancy Massage

This massage is tailored for the specific needs of the pregnant woman and her changing body. Prenatal massage will ease soreness, reduce tension and improve circulation and mobility.

Camarillo Salon Massage and
Body Treatment Services

Feel free to call us to set up an appointment or if you have any questions/comments.

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